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3-On-3 Rules

  • Jump Ball will begin play.

  • Change of possession requires a take back, including jump balls.

  • All throw ins are made from the top of the key.

  • Once a team scores, the opposing team will take it out.

  • Taking the ball out requires a pass in.

  • Games will be 10 minutes with a running clock. The first team to score 21 points instantly wins the match. If neither team reaches the threshold, the team with more points by the end of these 10 minutes is the winner. 

  •  If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the next team to score wins the contest.

  • Score is kept by 2s and 3s and 1s by an official scorekeeper.

  • Only team fouls are recorded. When a player gets fouled, the fouled team will take it out. If the basket is good on the foul, the basket counts and the opposing team will take it out.

  • After the 4th team foul, the fouled player gets a free throw and the ball. If the basket is good with the foul, the fouled player gets one shot and the opposing team will then get the ball.

  • Players may not change teams once play has begun. If a team only has three players and one is lost to injury, that team must play with two players.

  • Stalling with the lead is not permitted and will result in a change of possession.

  • Subbing can be done on a dead ball.

  • A held ball results in an NBA style jump ball.

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